The "Yes I Can!" Card Deck is a deck of 50 cards with the power word affirmations used inside the Erickson Fun Run programs. 

đź”…Inspires the shy students to confidently raise their hand and share answers.đź”…Encourages positive self-talk while your class has fun playing a game - a lovingly sneaky way to build their character. 

đź”…Reminds student of "Yes I Can!" power words throughout the day whenever you see self-doubt creeping in- or even better, watch them learn to remind themselves and each other! 

You can be creative with using the Yes I Can Card Deck- there are so many ways to incorporate them into your school day. 

Here are a few activities to get you started:

đź”…Activity 1

Yes I Can! Relay

Objective: To get students comfortable saying power words out loud. 

  1. In relay style, have the students walk to the front of the room, read their card aloud, and walk back to tag the next student in line. 

  2. The group that gets through the line the fastest wins! 

đź”…Activity 2 

Yes I Can! Popcorn

Objective: Helps students memorize different power words/ phrases

  1. Teacher starts by saying a power word or phrase. Once said, says popcorn "Students name"

  2. Student says a different power word/ phrase then popcorns to another student. 

  3. Students can not repeat the same phrase or power word. 

  4. Whole class should be able to get through the deck without any repeating. 

Here is how you play: 

Growing up and not having the confidence to stick up for myself is something that I did not want my own daughter to go through. My desire for my daughter is to have the confidence to be able to speak up for herself and for others. I have found that playing games with my own children provides them a light, fun atmosphere to learn and commuinicate in. 

It helps build their confidence in counting, colors, addition and subtraction.

Which is why at Erickson Fun Run we use an assortment of challenges through different games and activities that the children enjoy but nurtures their character and self confidence. 

Have fun nurturing self- confidence in the classroom with the "Yes I Can!" Card Deck for Teachers. 

The "Yes I Can!" Card Deck for teachers.

The #1 Card Deck that helps teachers build

 student self-confidence in the classroom.