What to expect 

Due to Covid-19:

We have changed the layout of the classes and are taking extra precautions to keep everyone healthy and safe, including: 

~ Markers set out 6 ft. apart for the kids to stand on during instruction.

~ Limited contact between the kids. (Ex. Noodles will be used with covered ends when playing tag).

~ Hand washing/hand sanitizer before, during and at the end of class. 

~ A questionnaire at check-in for each child. 

~ You will recieve more information reguarding what to expect upon arrival, and the class itself after registration.   


Our Goals:

We don't belive in the participation trophy culture. At Erickson Fun Run children receive a tennis ball with logo on it to remind them of their power word, a certificate to honor the progress they have made over the session. An opportunity to EARN their end of the season medal. We will give plenty of second chances, but we will not give a medal to avoid tears. We teach children how to handle disappointment and use it as fuel to achieve what is really important to them. When they finally do earn that medal, it'll be worth more than gold.