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Start building confidence in your children with Erickson Fun Run by clicking below. 

The best interactive running program that helps teachers and homeschoolers build confidence in their children and develop strong character in the classroom.  

Have you ever heard your child say: "I CAN'T!" or "It's too HARD!" and notice their self-doubt creep in? 

Imagine if: 

~  You saw the child who was doubting their answers have the confidence to try. 

~ You begin to see the shy child in class speak up.

~ The children in the class were all encouraging each other instead of making fun of each other.

If you are ready to see children build confidence and resilient social skills while having fun playing games then Erickson Fun Run is for you. 



"Erickson Fun Run has helped my son to be more confident, assertive, and focused and has really helped him feel more comfortable socializing with other kids!! Coach Erickson is great at engaging the kids and my son always has a blast." (Mother of participant) 

"Sport and physical activity offer youth opportunities to experience challenge, fun, and enjoyment, while increasing their self-esteem and decreasing their stress." (Health Canada, 2003).

4 basic components of the Erickson Fun Run Program

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or email @ confidentkids@ericksonfunrun.com

"MJ taped his certificate to his wall because he's so proud!" (Emily R.)

This is great for:

* PTA Presidents

* Administrators

* After School Programs

* Homeschooling families

* Homeschool co-ops

* Children ministy groups

* Club Presidents/ leaders

* Summer Camps

Grab your group and Erickson Fun Run can come to you! We can meet at a local park, an extra large yard or even an open field nearby. 


What age do you work with?
~ Sessions are ideal for children 4- 11 years old (K4 to 5th grade).  
What does a class look like?
~ Children are introduced to Power words; we play relay games which requires the children to practice yelling out a Power Word before the next person goes. We also play a fun tag game that which ecourages the children to use their favorite power word while playing. Every session the children complete a self evaulation of how they did that day while using their power words and interacting during the session. 
 What is included? 
~ Each child will recieve a tennis ball and bracelet with power words on them, in addition to a personal achievement certificate celebrating the progress they have made during the session. 
What to wear? 
~ We are open for all 4 seasons of the year so please dress your child correctly for each session based on that season. Keeping in mind that they need to be comfortable for running. Snow gear is strongly encouraged during winter months and sessions are adjusted-keeping bibs and snow boots in mind. Tennis shoes and Keens are suggested for summer sessions. 


You child can grow in confidence and character and Erickson Fun Run will help them do it.   

"Matthew had a wonderful time at the classes. He looked forward to them each week!" (Courtney G.)