• Homeschooling event

    Yesterday was my first homeschooling vendor event, and it was an awesome one!! 

    They had speakers present and a used curriculum sale which is like a Black Friday for all us homeschooling moms 🤣, and then there was the enrichment fair where Erickson Fun Run had a table set up and ready for the families. It was fantastic to see the different options available to homeschooling families. There was music, volleyball, games, mental math tricks taught, sign language, art, self-defense, and other competitive sports available to ask questions and learn more about the program and how it would work with the homeschooling family.

    With all the kids and families who came by to visit me, I wanted to thank you! Thank you for taking the time to come and talk and learn more about the program and how I can help come alongside you and help build confidence in your child and their friends, all while playing different running games. 

    It was so fun to be able to see previous children from sessions before and meet some new children. To see children's confidence grow and true personalities present themselves, the more times they came to spin the prize wheel or do the obstacle course. 

    I look forward to doing future vendor events. So if you know of any in your area where Erickson Fun Run could have the opportunity to come alongside you to build confidence in children through running games and activities, please email/ msg. to let me know.