• Building Confidence with Powerman

    The game that I'm going to share with you is flexible for being on the road and in the classroom setting. 

    "Powerman" is a game that you can play when:

    ~ The kids need to spend more time encouraging each other rather than picking on each other and putting their siblings down. 
    ~ You want to boost the kids' confidence. 
    ~ You want to instill positive "YES I CAN!" phrases and words for the kids to remember. 

    Think "hangman," but not so morbid. Same concept and layout just using encouraging words that are directed towards themselves and they can share with others as well. 

    All you need for this game: 

    ~ Print out the "YES I CAN!" flashcards
    ~ Pen and Paper

    The adult will set up the paper with the correct number of spaces, and the kids will get a chance to guess what phrase or word is on the paper. 

    To see the game explained in detail and put into action, watch the video below. 

    To learn more about the program click here to set up a Meet & Greet and let's chat about how this program can work for you and your school, homeschooling co-op, and club.