• Tools of the confidence trade

    I was featured in the Spiritual Rest with Refreshed Moms Facebook Group with Deanna Mason, and we chatted about some of my tools of the trade when it comes to helping children build confidence with their peers and in the classroom.

    What you'll hear:
    ~ Power Words and why we use them. 
    ~ How we can nurture the children's hearts around being confident.
    ~ How this helps the children cultivate the muscle of self-advocacy. 

    After listening to the video did you wonder what it would be like if you saw the student/ child who was doubting their answers have the confidence to try? Imagine if you saw the shy child in class begin to speak up. Or witnessing the students in the class encouraging each other each day. These are the some of the lessons that are put into action with Erickson Fun Run classes. Children who start out shy become more confident in their answers in each session. The children who are already athletic and confident are given encouraged to practice their leadership skills in encourgaing there teammates. 

    To learn more about how to make this possible with your school, homeschool co-op or club click here to set up a Meet & Greet and lets chat. :-)