• Summer Spelling Challenges

    How do you speak to yourself?? Are you your biggest cheerleader?? 
    How are you encouraging your child daily? Do they see you encouraging yourself while you struggle with something? 

    During the June Mini Summer Camp, we did some spelling exercises, so this was a great time to also work on their power words. During the activity, different kids showed frustrations, yet they thought it through, and with limited guidance from me, they could achieve the task at hand. To be able to see the joy of being able to figure it out was fantastic! 

    To see what camps we are doing this summer CLICK HERE!! Looking forward to seeing you there! 


  • Building confidence with a relay race

    Building confidence in yourself takes time and practice....lots of practice. 

    So when your looking for a game that not only empowers the students/ group but also has them active and moving here's a great game for you to play. 

    Yes I Can! Relay

    Objective: To get students comfortable saying power words out loud. 

      1. In relay style, have the students walk to the front of the room, read their card aloud, and walk back to tag the next student in line. 

      2. The group that gets through the line the fastest wins! 

    Click here to download the "Yes! I can card deck"


    To learn more about the program click here to set up a Meet & Greet and let's chat about how this program can work for you and your school, homeschooling co-op, and club. 

  • Homeschooling event

    Yesterday was my first homeschooling vendor event, and it was an awesome one!! 

    They had speakers present and a used curriculum sale which is like a Black Friday for all us homeschooling moms 🤣, and then there was the enrichment fair where Erickson Fun Run had a table set up and ready for the families. It was fantastic to see the different options available to homeschooling families. There was music, volleyball, games, mental math tricks taught, sign language, art, self-defense, and other competitive sports available to ask questions and learn more about the program and how it would work with the homeschooling family.

    With all the kids and families who came by to visit me, I wanted to thank you! Thank you for taking the time to come and talk and learn more about the program and how I can help come alongside you and help build confidence in your child and their friends, all while playing different running games. 

    It was so fun to be able to see previous children from sessions before and meet some new children. To see children's confidence grow and true personalities present themselves, the more times they came to spin the prize wheel or do the obstacle course. 

    I look forward to doing future vendor events. So if you know of any in your area where Erickson Fun Run could have the opportunity to come alongside you to build confidence in children through running games and activities, please email/ msg. to let me know. 

  • Tools of the confidence trade

    I was featured in the Spiritual Rest with Refreshed Moms Facebook Group with Deanna Mason, and we chatted about some of my tools of the trade when it comes to helping children build confidence with their peers and in the classroom.

    What you'll hear:
    ~ Power Words and why we use them. 
    ~ How we can nurture the children's hearts around being confident.
    ~ How this helps the children cultivate the muscle of self-advocacy. 

    After listening to the video did you wonder what it would be like if you saw the student/ child who was doubting their answers have the confidence to try? Imagine if you saw the shy child in class begin to speak up. Or witnessing the students in the class encouraging each other each day. These are the some of the lessons that are put into action with Erickson Fun Run classes. Children who start out shy become more confident in their answers in each session. The children who are already athletic and confident are given encouraged to practice their leadership skills in encourgaing there teammates. 

    To learn more about how to make this possible with your school, homeschool co-op or club click here to set up a Meet & Greet and lets chat. :-) 

  • Building Confidence with Powerman

    The game that I'm going to share with you is flexible for being on the road and in the classroom setting. 

    "Powerman" is a game that you can play when:

    ~ The kids need to spend more time encouraging each other rather than picking on each other and putting their siblings down. 
    ~ You want to boost the kids' confidence. 
    ~ You want to instill positive "YES I CAN!" phrases and words for the kids to remember. 

    Think "hangman," but not so morbid. Same concept and layout just using encouraging words that are directed towards themselves and they can share with others as well. 

    All you need for this game: 

    ~ Print out the "YES I CAN!" flashcards
    ~ Pen and Paper

    The adult will set up the paper with the correct number of spaces, and the kids will get a chance to guess what phrase or word is on the paper. 

    To see the game explained in detail and put into action, watch the video below. 

    To learn more about the program click here to set up a Meet & Greet and let's chat about how this program can work for you and your school, homeschooling co-op, and club.